ABM Studio: The Office (Before)

一般良好的办公室氛围! HI friends! I'm back to share more before photos and decorating ideas for our studio house. If you haven't been following along, so far I've shared the入口道厨房andliving room。办公室是一个非常重要的空间,因为它是所有计算机工作和内部会议的地方。在我们当前的空间(我的家),餐厅白天作为我们的办公室翻了一番。我很高兴我们有这种过渡阶段,因为我觉得我有时间真正弄清楚我们所需要的东西以及来自办公室的东西。

上面的图像是通过Lonny。I love the general look and feel of it. It's busy, but still relaxed and filled with inspiration!

一张大桌子是关键。When we first moved into my house我们创造了一张桌子for Trey in a spare bedroom. He used that desk for about six months, and then realized that he felt isolated in that room and has been working with us in the dining room ever since. Since writing blog content is so hands on we are constantly coming and going all day, but the big table has become the center of our working environment. We love a shared computer space. If someone needs to concentrate they might leave the room for an hour or two, but our shared table has been a great way to stay in synch with each other. Since we had such a positive experience building我的餐桌we're planning to create a DIY table in the new office. I would love to find chairs that are both comfortable and beautiful!

When we started shopping for a home to move our business into, we liked the idea of having an office with one big table that was centrally located on the main floor of the house.办公室BEFORE 1 这间客房位于起居室后面(这里是在客厅的景观)和餐厅旁边。你可以看到这里有一个门在前门廊周围打开包裹。办公室BEFORE 2 这个房间里的湾窗户是我最喜欢的功能。我认为他们会看起来如此漂亮,充满植物!办公室BEFORE 3 The first order of business in this room is paint! You can see here there is a shadow of a once-upon-a-time border that was removed. The beige walls are also damaged in many places.办公室BEFORE 5 This room has another metal cord cover going from the light switch to the light fixture (which is presently missing). Luckily our contractor is an excellent electrician soon that will be INSIDE of the wall where it belongs. :)

说到灯具......你怎么看待这个?简单的悬挂式灯具 (viaa pair & a spare) I love it. I want something casual, but that actually is a good light source since it's a workspace. First and foremost, it needs to be functional. We're very open to suggestions!Workspace inspiration (viaImports From Marrakesh) An inspiration wall is another huge priority. I want something changeable and simple since we work on so many different projects throughout the year.Love this wood wall! (via设计文件)You know how you get something stuck in your head? Well, since before we even started shopping I've always envisioned a wood wall in the office. I don't know why, but it's stuck in my head. And so I'm considering making it happen in this room. I think it adds so much!办公室BEFORE 4 First of all, you're probably wondering where that door came from. So are we. It's just, kind of, there. It doesn't fit in this room. We can't figure it out. We're considering using it for some sort of DIY project though. What would you do with a lonely spare door?

This wall came with built in bookcases. I'm thinking it would be cool to expand this to the other side of the doorway, so it's one giant wall of books that wraps around the doorway. Right now it feels a little unbalanced to me. Plus, you already knowwe're obsessed with giant bookcases!!Books forever! Books forever! (均通过设计文件书架是我最喜欢的。你有没有设计过的办公空间?我很想听到你的提示。这是我们的第一个!XO。埃莉西

PS。有关更多痴迷的日常工作室灵感,follow me on Pinterest

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Inspiration images are linked throughout.

  • That yellow light is perfect. I love the idea of the wood wall. I have several of them in my home, it was built by a local architect (Bob Schaefer) that studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and in 1970 and he built our house to live in and he lived in it until he passed away in 2006 so it’s pretty mod and cool. The wood walls are really nice with light painted walls to contrast. My slanted ceiling in my living room is also wooden and it’s lovely. We have wool off-white shag original carpet in the living room that’s in excellent shape. I was going to replace it but decided to keep it and I’m so glad we did. I just love stopping by and seeing all of your creative ideas!

  • You can make a desk using the abandoned door.


  • 当我的妈妈和我红卫她的办公室时,我们把衣柜门带走了,让他们进入一张巨大的桌子!也许你可以以这种方式融合门。

  • I’m so excited to see what you’ll do with this office space! We seem to have similar taste in interior but I’m not good at thinking outside of the box (yet), so any of your ideas I could write down for future reference is welcome! I love the idea of a huge wall of bookcases around the doorway, sounds very Narnia-esque to me. I’m way too excited for this, seriously.

  • Looks wonderful!We have that yellow lamp in our kitchen and love it!The rest of our kitchen is white. Have fun! Love the clear table and the wood wall.

  • 可爱的太空女孩!
    喜欢木墙的想法,但在某些情况下可能会使空间变暗 - 谨慎!也许这是你可以使用你的莱尼门的地方?如果你能找到更多的门/窗户/百叶窗,可能是一个有趣的方式'梳妆'墙壁。以有趣的颜色或au naturel绘制。
    alternatively how about using it as a table-top or a pinboard or a frame for some artwork on a wall or something?
    keep up the goodwork!

  • I am so excited how your studio finally will look like, your ideas are awesome. We do have a wood ceiling and love it! Much greetings

  • You could transform the door into a low, mobile coffee table by sanding it, painting it a bold colour and adding wheels?

  • So pretty- I especially love the giant table and bookshelf ideas! Those are both things we are incorporating into the office we are building. Shared workspaces are the best!

  • 好的,所以这只是一个想法,但谈论情绪板让我思考。有多令人惊讶的是,用一片波纹金属覆盖一堵墙壁(或只是一部分墙壁),并添加磁铁以使最大的不断发展的情绪板?如果你在房间的两边做了两个,那么走进你的办公室会觉得踏入一个巨大的灵感站。金属也对所有木墙看起来很棒......只是说。


    Haha, that’s all I have for now. So stoked to see whatever you two end up doing.

  • Giant table and giant book shelves… Dream office!

    P.S. I LOVE that old door. I currently have 3 in my home now that I have found in junk yards, old barns and in the construction trash from a victorian remodel. 2 are now the guest room headboard and the other got saw horse legs and a glass top and is now my desk… Keep it for a DIY. I’m sure you will come up with something fantasitc.

  • an idea is to transform the door in some kind of wardrobe with colour and some hooks. I know you will have enough space in your hallway, but it could be a wardrobe for little things also in your office space. It could be a steady place to hang on your bags, camera and stuff you’ll need every day close to your desk.


    Have fun!


  • 爱你的想法!您是否考虑过您的电源插座的位置?这将是堵塞笔记本电脑,打印机和狡猾的东西的重要因素,如胶枪。也许有一种方法可以插入桌面下的电源条?在建立办事处时,这一直是和问题。

  • 所以令人兴奋的装饰所有这个空间!这一定是疯了!
    我喜欢你的想法,特别是Marrakech ET设计文件的想法!
    Anyway I think is gone be fantastic!!

  • 当你做到这一点时,你们会在桌子上进行全帖吗?我会喜欢它!我正在为自己工作的计划,我有点担心夹紧和粘合过程

  • I’ve always really wanted a floor to ceiling bookshelf with a ladder- I definitely think it’s an awesome idea to extend it across the whole wall. That door, though- there must be something fun to do with it.

  • 我会用玻璃覆盖门,把一些三脚架放在它下面,ta-da:一个漂亮的桌子/书桌,为您的全新工作室


  • I absolutely love this, especially since I’m working on putting together my office in our house at the moment and am definitely looking for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to see more

    Jamie @

  • Love the inspiration photos! I’m currently putting together a work space and creating an inspiring and functional space is so critical!

  • You have many things to do, but at the moment I think looks pretty nice, you have good ideas, the yellow ligth is ok, maybe 2 of them and another for focal point, depends what you are going to do there.


  • 我的工作我总是有问题的灯space. I like to be able to both sit and stand and work at a large table. I am the kind of person who likes to see things spread out and standing over a table sprawled with things sometimes it is the only way. I am also relatively tall and so sometimes pretty hanging lights get in the way of my head when I am standing and working over a table. I like things that are pretty and hanging but also high enough that people will not bonk their heads when working over the table. I would look for something like this if you are the same way. Here are some cool things I found for inspiration for above your table…
    http://www.weheart.co.uk/2012/11/09/grandcafe-wennekerpand/。- 你可以使用这个梯子想法,但水平悬挂它,以便在占用较少的垂直空间时获得漂亮的光芒。(您甚至可以以某种方式将您的流氓门纳入这个想法。)
    http://www.pinterest.com/pin/113012271871360651/。- 这也可能是一个有趣的DIY项目,具有不同类型的发现灯和灯。

  • I love the ideas, so pretty! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space. As for the door, I’ve seen walls and room dividers made of several doors. Maybe use the one as a small room divider if you need one for some reason?

  • 我们的房子在楼梯上方有一个虚假的门(所以你无法达到它,它导致无处),我如此糟糕地想在它上画一个壁画并使它看起来像是导致仙境或纳尼亚的看起来!这么多的可能性!

  • 你必须和多么华丽的空间!我喜欢那个木墙的外观,希望你能决定去那样,所以我可以看到它是如何结果

  • I’m a regular reader but rarely post (peek-a-boo!) I have a background in interior design and wanted to say I really love the look of clipboard artwork frames. They make so much sense in an office/studio space. Also, I grew up in a house with wood paneled walls – um, yikes! It will definitely darken the space (unless you chose a light colored wood, of course). Actually, check out the top of this table I happened upon:http://designsbystudioc.com/create-a-striped-panel-with-stain-and-plywood/



  • I think loads of shelving (particularly those amazing bookshelves in those last pictures) is a must. My dad recently redesigned his personal office to include museum-style glass-fronted shelves with downlighting – best investment ever.

  • 嘿,我是悉尼

    Lonely door ideas: A DIY dining room table! (Probably inspired by your post about Elsie’s DIY dining room table)
    Or a cork board to post inspirations.

    I love ABM Congrats on your studio house I want one someday too.



  • Giant book shelves are amazing!


    I liked some of the other ideas too; who knew you could do so much with an abandoned door?!

  • Really full of posibilities…
    Other uses I can imagine are for your inspirational board, leaning against the wall with hanging planters on it, or -if you take more doors away in the house- align them as a fake wood wall? this last one makes me think Alice in wonderland could come out of any!

  • With the door I’d consider turning it into a table top – possibly the large work desk you are after? Would need a sheet of glass on top to make it practical but then you could insert an array of inspirational photos, fabrics, drawings and things under the glass – that could be interchangeable when you get sick of it or work on a new project.

    For the wall – I think painting it in a magnetic paint that’s also chalkboard – not sure if there is such a thing but wouldn’t it be ace? You could pick your colour, write on it, draw on it, and stick things to it with magnets.


    Little White Dove

  • 我为你和你的团队很开心。有时我认为只要在新的空间中重新装修,就会思考从我的公寓搬到另一个人。

    Transforming a house into a studio is fabulous.

    Chic modern light fixtures in bold colors are a great idea.

    As for the door, like many people have already suggested – a table (desk, coffee, or dinner) would would great. You could lay over a piece of glass to balance it out and it would look really cool under there.

    我还看到老门用作梳妆室中的隔板 - 所以如果您有一个特殊的衣柜或适合服装/装扮的房间 - 您可以将其添加到该空间。

    Last idea – add it to a mudroom and put in some cool hooks for scarves and jackets

  • I’d make the door into the slide. For when things got boring in the studio:) If you need any other great DIY ideas you know where to come, girls.

  • FYI you should relocate the AC/Heater sensor/programmer thing as the house will not be well regulated temperature wise if you box that into a bookcase :)(My dad remodels and I’ve taken on this disease

  • I love the yellow light. I decided that I wanted a big table versus a desk in our work space. I love it. I love the wood walls that are made of different pieces of reclaimed wood.

  • 自从我的父母在房子上买过房子以来,我的客厅里有一件木墙,以前的主人把它放在那里。它非常好,即使在两次重新装修之后,我们就在木镶板周围做了一切。但是,如果你这样做,你一定要坚持下去,如果你想在一年内改变它会是一种浪费。

  • 许多年前,我发现一个古老的木门萨尔瓦•ge store. I painted it and had a piece of glass custom cut to fit perfectly over it, then I mounted it onto two sawhorses and used it as a desk. It was big and not to mention a great conversation piece.

  • I like the look of the modern industrial style lighting that is around quite a bit now! A big light feature would be very cool in here, plus lots of light is important especially if you are working in the evenings and need to keep alert!


  • Hi there ABM girls! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years and just love the way it (and your business) has transformed and continues to change in such exciting ways!

    Concerning the rogue door–what about some eye candy for your wraparound? You could turn it into a porch swing or hanging outdoor worktable (great for working outside in weather-permitting months) and then paint it some sassy color to make that space really pop! Here are a couple pins you might like:

    Hanging table-http://www.pinterest.com/pin/5699937002339950/

    Good luck as you continue the studio design process!

  • Why not combine the wood wall with your inspiration wall and use cork flooring on the wall? You could stick push pins to it, it’s self healing, would give a little bit of sound proofing for anyone outside of the room needing quiet, and would look really cool!

  • 我会把那扇门变成咖啡桌或露台桌子,也许用一块玻璃或玻璃杯玻璃!将一块软木插入木墙中也许是酷可能会很酷,也许有些条带?并使用软木板作为灵感板!我真的很喜欢上面与金属Inspo板上的想法!
    Can’t wait to see the end results!

  • 嘿那里:)我认为门的两侧的书柜看起来很棒:)

    I a obsessed with LIGHT fixtures:) here is a couple links to awesome ones that I think might work for the space. the Yellow is fantastic!!:) very simple bright and functional:) here is just a couple options if you feel like branching out:)




    Hope that helps:)Cant wait to see the end result!!

  • Turn that door into a table! Especially if it is a solid wood door! My husband and I found a solid wood door on the street and he turned it into an amazing kitchen table!

  • Use the door to hang Emma’s DIY wedding dress on display!! Do something cool with the door to make the dress truly pop. It would be great for that dress to be displayed somewhere and be admired everyday. That day was such a huge part of all of your lives and it’s a labor of love for everyone to enjoy

    Just a suggestion…

  • Use the door to hang Emma’s DIY wedding dress on display!! Do something cool with the door to make the dress truly pop. It would be great for that dress to be displayed somewhere and be admired everyday. That day was such a huge part of all of your lives and it’s a labor of love for everyone to enjoy

    Just a suggestion…


  • I would paint the door with magnetic paint and turn it into an inspiration board. It’s a great size and it could easily be moved around from room to room and used as a board for displaying menus or photos for parties when needed!

  • 我对你的设计墙的想法正在使用homoosote(我认为这是名字,但我不确定)。它是一种局面的材料,您可以在硬件商店进入大床单。我的大学在艺术工作室墙上画了白色,所以我们可以在我们需要退后一步并从不同的角度上返回另一点看,我们可以坚持有灵感。他们使用大螺钉将其连接到墙壁上。如果你厌倦了它,你总是可以把它拿下来,你只需要一些螺丝孔来搭扣。

  • 对于灵感壁,我将使用磁性涂料。你可以用你想要的颜色涂漆,并将彩色磁墙作为所有图片,面料和其他鼓舞人心的东西。每当你想要的时候,它仍然很容易改变。

  • Make a desk out of the door! Put a pane of glass over it and place on top of two filing cabinets and voila! My boss did that with one of her old doors and it works great!

  • I once had a bed that my dad made out of an old huge church door- maybe try a small scale version for Miss Penelope Bloom!

  • Lovely office space! So, on the door, I once painted the eiffel tower on a door in art class (using a projector) and then drew a pretty hilarious portrait of myself gazing into the distance on a balcony in Paris, long before I ever actually had been there… ha. it’s still at my house at home, and now my mom has decided to use it for something practical by installing it onto the wall at the entryway and putting vintage knobs on it to turn it into a coat hanger. so there’s that!

    Kristin at callhomedear.com

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